Flyer on the Wall

Did you know there’s a drag-punk art movement coming out of Kansas City? It’s called the Big Mess from the Midwest, or at least that’s what The Hole’s Kathy Grayson (formerly of Deitch Projects) has dubbed it. Okay, so it mainly consists of singer-satirist Cody Critcheloe—hilarious with his high-waisted leggings and leather-daddy mustache—and his meta-ironic band SSION. But trust us, that’s plenty!

On August 26, from 6-9 pm, The Hole will screen BOY, a feature-length mockumentary faux-documenting Cody’s life as a small town-living, neon-loving punk drifter who dreams of pop-stardom. We actually saw it a little while ago and if we had to nutshell it, we’d say it’s like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but with more camp and less budget.

A larger exhibition of paintings, photos and a pop-up shop featuring fashion designer and spandex queen Peggy Noland will continue through September 11, when SSION will perform live in a grand blow-out finale. 

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