Falling for Vivienne Westwood’s Shoes All Over Again

We’re all familiar with Vivienne Westwood’s adventures in tailoring—her inimitable twisting of seams and pillaging of historical references to create wholly original confections. But just as inspiring as the Dame’s fanciful collections is her illustrious history shoe fetish. Along with mini-crinis, safety pins and naughty slogans, the flame-haired designer has long been a pioneer in footwear.

Opening August 26, an exhibit at Selfridges in London takes a long, hard look at Westwood’s cheeky, perverse approach to cobbling, presenting an extensive collection of Westwood shoes dating back to 1973. From the aptly named Rocking Horse ballet slipper to iconic Seditionaires-era pirate boots, the exhibit offers an awe-inspiring, gravity-defying archive (with some intriguing gems that resemble Medieval torture devices). The line-up even includes those infamous blue platforms that sent Naomi ass-backward on the catwalk. And if that’s not fashion history, we don’t know what is.

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