It’s Like Isabella Blow Never Left

An endless source of inspiration, Isabella Blow continues to capture the imagination of the fashion milieu and beyond, well after her untimely passing. This fall promises a barrage of Blow-related projects, all offering inside peeks into the inner workings of the iconic muse. Slated to begin shooting is the biopic featuring John Galliano as himself, while numerous books chronicling her career highs (not just the towering heights of her accessories) and private lows are scheduled for release. These include a book of photos by a former assistant, as well as an unauthorized biography due out in December.

But the definitive tome is bound to be Blow by Blow (Nov. 9, HarperCollins), co-written by her husband, Detmar Blow, and author Tom Sykes. Advance copies are already setting the fashion world atwitter, with the epic tale of her rise to notoriety, inspired mentorships, and troubled emotional life.

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