Isabel Marant Hates Famous Women

In Isabel Marant’s defense, the dishcloths were probably pretty nice in her native France. Such was Marant’s justification to LOVE anyway for having literally fashioned her first Malcolm McLaren-inspired pieces out of rags in the mid-80s. Today, Marant’s label boasts a cult following, even if the self-described “anti-consumerist” designer claims to dislike the industry she’s in. “I never think about the fashion people. They are not my concern,” Marant explains matter-of-factly. The standoffishness extends to her own website, which she’s visited just once, as well as to shopping online. And forget about buxom, big-lipped beauties—or even well-known ones. “I hate famous women. My ideal woman is Serge Gainsbourg,” Marant says, adding, “not that he was a woman.”

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