Disgruntled Steward Steven Slater Wants to Be a Designer

Now that overnight celeb Steven Slater likely won’t be flying the (not so) friendly skies any time soon, it’s high time the JetBlue steward plot his next career move. Slater—who, after a profanity-laden tirade, activated an emergency exit with beer in hand—was reportedly found in his boyfriend’s arms when police crashed his Queens pad to arrest him later that evening. Now, Slater’s ex—wife, that is, Cynthia Niethamer—claims her former hubby is destined to design. “He’d love his own fashion line. He’s a brilliant merchandiser,” she told the NY Post. Seems Slater even has experience in the field. “Actually, we met working at JC Penney when we were 16,” Niethamer explains. Even if Slater’s designer dreams don’t pan out, there’s probably a future book deal or reality show to keep him occupied. Maybe balloon boy’s dad needs a sassy gay sidekick.

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