Auctioning Off Michael Jackson’s Property Is Now Outsourced to China

While most of the Western world remains on precarious financial ground, Asia continues its unprecedented growth—and what better way to celebrate than with an auction of celebrity Western goods? On October 8 at the posh Ponte 16 resort in Macau, a municipality of China, the continent will host its very first pop culture auction, focusing exclusively on collectible attire. Top bidders will score Michael Jackson’s black crystal-encrusted glove, a range of Madonna costumes and a little something from the people’s princess: a red velvet ball gown (which, with a little hemming, could be perfectly on trend for fall). Estimates are surprisingly modest, starting at a seemingly affordable 6–8k for Madge’s Cher redux (The Girly Show wasn’t the best tour) to a hefty six figures for Lady Di’s gown.

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