Hooked: Alexander McQueen Men’s Underwear

We don’t know what you do behind closed doors, but if you happen to have one-nighters, you’ve probably encountered many a waistband emblazoned with Calvin Klein, Aussie Bum, Armani or 2(X)ist, not to mention the occasional John Galliano in newspaper type. Now you can add another brand to the list of favorites, as Alexander McQueen is introducing its first underwear line for men this summer. The launch includes loungewear (i.e. track suits) and sleepwear (i.e. silk boxers and pajamas, a seriously endangered species these days). But the highlights are the briefs and boxers printed with skulls and bones (get it?). If one of your new friends greets you wearing a pair, please share the experience. Available in McQueen stores worldwide and on the label’s website.

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