Proenza Schouler Jumps Into the Fashion Film Fray

The Proenza Schouler boys are taking their nineties redux full circle, enlisting cinema provocateur Harmony Korine—who defined edgy cool for the latter part of that decade—for a film project titled Act Da Fool. Shot in Nashville, Tennessee, the film features several gritty 8mm vignettes of local bad girls roughing it up in Proenza’s best. Inspired by a single Christopher Wool photograph, the film also taps into Korine’s unique aesthetic of forlorn school days and teenage rebellion. Recalling Gummo, Korine’s 1997 cult debut, the film offers the perfect backdrop for Proenza’s collegiate classics, which are less an homage to prep schools than a valentine to the high school girl who cuts class to reapply black lipstick, smoke ciggies and scour thrift stores. It’s My So-Called Life with more attitude and better styling. Tune in for the grunge and glory when the film premieres on this September.

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