Men’s Designer Boris Bidjan Saberi Sees a Better Future

“My romantic side always thinks about a nicer, better world,” says Boris Bidjan Saberi when asked what fashion needs now. “Maybe people will come on my boat one day and we can build a second arc,” he adds jokingly. A funny idea, but to the German-born men’s designer of Persian descent, anything is possible. Since he debuted at Barcelona Fashion Week in 2008, Saberi has sought a futuristic ideal through artful interpretations of men’s silhouettes.

For his fall collection, shown in Paris, enormous sculpted jackets looked as though they were made from one continuous piece of leather, in some cases obscuring the face so as to resemble male veils. Loose-fitting pants worn under asymmetric layers—in his signature scaled-back palette of black and nude—achieved an easy, nomadic feel. It would seem these are clothes intended to be worn in a utopian (and possibly sandy) future, where clothes are minimal, well-proportioned and work in harmony with each other.

Not that the future couldn’t use a superhero. Saberi’s would be called Wanja, and “he would fight with his best friend against the dark side, with a lot of well-made steel arms.” We’re not sure about the steel arms, but the black leather cocoon-like sheath? Yes, please.

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