Marc Jacobs Goes Big

Robert Duffy, the twitter-happy president of Marc Jacobs, has set the fashion press aflutter with his announcement that the company is planning to expand into plus-size territory, the first luxury brand to do so. Though the project is still in its early stages, the house is apparently in talks with an unnamed partner to produce clothing above size 14, traditionally the lead ceiling for the fashionably, pleasantly plump. Whether or not this means MJ will be the new Hefty Hideaway remains to be seen, but as usual the intrepid label isn’t afraid to break new ground. And if they make clothes for dogs (Bark Jacobs), why not throw in something for the majority of women?

The venture coincides with what seems to be a general shift in fashion’s relationship to “normal” women, with various Body Issues popping out this summer. We’re a little skeptical, since fashion’s perception of ordinary body shapes is typically limited to Crystal Renn in a lace body suit. Then again, the cause might be near and dear to the MJ family, as Duffy is no waif at 6’4, and we all remember Marc Jacobs in his pre-ripped days, taking a shy bow at his shows and hiding behind too-big blue shirts.

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