Hooked: Olympia Le Tan

It’s a fallacy often perpetuated by the poorly heeled that the fashion flock aren’t bookworms. We scoff at this. After all, a book is often the perfect accessory to finish a look. Even Marc Jacobs agrees, having put his stamp on Bookmarc, his upcoming librairie. But Olympia Le Tan takes it one glorious step further, actually knitting rectangular bags in the shape of classic novels, pulling off the most stunning feats of literary trompe l’oeil while allowing us to indulge our inner hot-librarian. Her newest tomes, part of Opening Ceremony’s voyage to Paris this season, include such iconic titles as 1984, Dracula, On the Road, Catcher in the Rye and Lolita—quintessential volumes for building a wardrobe and a library. All priced at $1255, but you do get nice Liberty-print lining with that.

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