Christina Aguilera Hits the Big Screen with the High-Camp Classic Burlesque

If the beautiful minds behind screen gems Glitter, Coyote Ugly and Showgirls were to join forces and give birth to a new camp classic, Burlesque just might be it. In it, Christina Aguilera finally gets her cinematic due, starring as Ali, the proverbial small-town girl with big-city dreams fixing to get the hell out out of Dodge. Upon arrival in L.A., Ali seeks work at an ailing theater lorded over by Stanley Tucci and—omg, omg, omg—Cher! Looking like she split screen time with her Madame Tussaud’s wax figure, Cher channels her best backstage bitch (Gina Gershon’s Crystal comes to mind) before taking the truly talented Ali under her wing. Fame, fortune and hot sex with one of the dudes from Grey’s Anatomy ensues. Slated for a late November release, the film is also accompanied by a behind-the-scenes coffee table book from Rizzoli. We’ll be putting it down on our Christmas wish list along with that Crossroads DVD.