Hooked: Bottega Veneta

After years of piling on skulls, we’re about ready to enter goth rehab. But what do we weigh our bodies down with now? Pyramid studs are passé and we can’t even ponder plastics (though Lucite will always get a reprieve). So we’re predating all that and going ancient, as in Cleopatra. Entomophobics, avert your eyes now—because the almighty scarab has become the newest jewelry statement. Bottega Veneta, home of luscious leathers, is the source of the new bug bonanza, and the label’s new scarab collection offers cuffs, minauderies, intricate necklaces and earrings—all with an ode to sun god Ra. Don’t worry, that frisson down your spine isn’t a creepy crawler, it’s beetle mania. $750-8000 at Bottega Veneta boutiques.

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