Daphne Guinness Wants to Wear an LCD Screen

Clearly Daphne Guinness’ penchant for vertiginous footwear is preventing her from teetering alongside the masses these days. Or at least she misses “people walking down the streets with umbrellas and hats,” she tells the Wall Street Journal. Clad in a tiara-like head contraption (a “thunderstorm hat” she explains) at Steven Klein’s Bridgehampton manse over the weekend, Guinness also sported a gray, floor-length Calvin Klein gown and self-made body jewelry. Despite owning her fair share of couture, to say nothing of the collection left by the late Isabella Blow, Guinness’ wardrobe is apparently still lacking. “There’s one fabric I’ve been looking for for five years,” she says. “It’s like an LCD screen, but it’s supple.” According to Guinness, the fabric would allow wearers to play movies on it, but the military’s got first dibs on any optioning. Pesky details haven’t derailed her quest, however. “I keep asking them, ‘Can’t you just give me a little bit?'”

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