Is Giorgio Armani Stepping Down and Stefano Pilati Taking His Place?

While it sounds a little farfetched to us, here’s a little riddle likely to keep idle fashionistas sparring through August. According to the Imagist, three designers are about to play musical chairs, with one vet retiring and another “complex and talented” fellow countryman taking the reins. The move would then free up a job at the helm of yet another legendary house, which the seemingly out-of-commission designer #3 would assume. So, signs point to 76-year-old Giorgio Armani as the would-be retiree, and Stefano Pilati as his successor. Back in 2009, Armani underwent treatment for hepatitis, leading to speculation as to who might one day assume his mantle. Turns out Pilati, who set tongues wagging when he was a no-show for the Met’s YSL-sponsored Armida premiere, once worked for Armani as a men’s assistant. That leaves the third designer, whom some believe to be Hedi Slimane. Any other guesses? Comment below.

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