Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List Overreaches

With much fanfare, Vanity Fair released its annual International Best Dressed List today. Now, we’ve never faulted good ole’ VF for being terminally hip, but the 2010 yearbook seems to be more “eclectic” than in previous years. Along with the usual suspects—i.e. Diane Kruger, Carey Mulligan, Carine Roitfeld’s offspring—the list includes a slew of richly attired royals, who we’d be familiar with if we followed the polo tournament circuit. Society portraiture at its expressionist best, the list at times bears an uncanny resemblance to John Currin’s last gallery show—just with better clothes. But now, while we love us some Duchess of Alba, especially when she’s wearing a Gaga-like mantilla headdress, does she really belong on a best-dressed list? We say no, but let us know what you think. Comment below.

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