Finally, Tiffany Vs. Debbie Gibson

Let’s just say Tiffany had us at “What the hell are you doing in my VIP tent?” Along with fellow 80s teenybopper (and Playboy centerfold) Debbie Gibson, the flame-haired mall crawler stars in the upcoming Syfy Channel made-for-TV movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. In a sneak peek from the pseudo-sapphic romp, Tiffany, an overzealous yet ethical park ranger, dukes it out with Gibson, a rabid animal rights activist. Despite their mutual affinity for god’s creatures, there’s no love lost between the two—hence the epic, pie-strewn brawl pitting Tiffany’s cleavage against Gibson’s undies. Despite both having nature-themed Syfy films to their names, neither singer will be up for anything other than a Razzie anytime soon. Maybe instead of wincing at Gibson’s wet-noodle delivery of “oh bitch, please,” or shrinking from Tiffany’s over-collagened lips, we’ll just close our eyes and hark back to their electric youth.

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