Newly Single, Marc Jacobs Gets to Bang

Just in case those pokes weren’t cutting it, now Facebook users can officially get to Banging. Friday marks the launch of Marc Jacobs’ FB page for his latest men’s fragrance, including a suggestively titled new game, “Bang, You’re It.” Starting Friday, users can virtually “bang” their friends and friends with benefits, racking up points. Players who’ve scored big (or gotten gang-banged, as it were) via after-midnight bangs and bangs from other countries will see their numbers increase even more. Additionally, each day a user will be selected at random to receive prizes like clothing and bottles of Bang, natch. And in a move that just might irk some celebs and fashionistas no longer part of the designer’s once-expansive inner circle, a few lucky players will nab a prize arguably better than just about any booty call: an invite to one of MJ’s fashion shows.

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