Stella McCartney Prefers the Company of Cartoons

In lieu of populating her ad campaigns with amazonian untouchables, kooky heiresses or overly botoxed Sicilian matriarchs, Stella McCartney, for one, prefers the company of cartoons. Last fall, the designer featured Bambis real and faux in her Ryan McGinley-helmed adverts, channeling her customer’s inner urban wood nymph. This season, McCartney has enlisted Mert and Marcus to shoot Natalia Vodianova amid artist Barry Reigate’s whimsically rendered cartoon pumpkins, spiders and bubble letters. The result is much more staid than Reigate’s typically darker, more adult offerings (think half-graffiti, half-abstract acrylics with titles like Voracious Impotent Penis). Should McCartney team up with Reigate again, perhaps his penchant for candy canes, gaping mouths and oversized appendages will come in handy for a none-too-subtle lingerie campaign.

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