In a Temporary World, You Can Count on Armani

In a world of pop-up shops, revolving galleries, and one-night stands, isn’t it nice when something actually stays? Especially now, when the sun makes anything you put on your face scram toward your neck. Where other companies have taken this cue to design lip “stains,” Armani is leaving that to wine and coffee, instead creating the creamy and resolute Rouge D’Armani line of long-lasting lipsticks. Like anything beautiful, there’s a good amount of stubborn behavior in the formula, staying put for up to eight hours, but acquiesces to the night. $30 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

And if you’re looking for a little more drama—say, to keep a fully made-up face while working out for 45 minutes or riding the train across town—there’s an extensive range of seasonally appropriate cosmetics courtesy of boutique brand Rae. The cruelty-free line is full of antioxidants, SPF, and breathable microcrushed minerals so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a rubber mask. Available at

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