Taylor Momsen Lands John Galliano’s New Fragrance

Talk about art imitating life imitating Gossip Girl. In a season finale-worthy turn, little Jenny Humphrey, aka Taylor Momsen, has scored a fashion coup. Revealed today, she’s the face of John Galliano’s new fragrance. Of course, fashion is no stranger to scantily clad surly teens with raccoon eyes, but the prime-time Lolita seems to be building quite a portfolio for herself. You’ll recall that earlier this year, she graced Macy’s far and wide as the sexy-punk face of the Madonna/Lourdes Material Girl line. No word on the actual scent yet, but we’re thinking blond ambition meets teen rebellion with a slight note of jailbait. This also bodes well for the TV show, which, despite unraveling story lines, seems to be amping its fashion cred. We’re hoping this also means that Monsieur Galliano, never shy of the spotlight, will be making a cameo sometime soon.

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