Hint Tip: Stonewall Uprising

“It was dark enough to allow the streetlights to pick up all the broken glass and debris. It was beautiful. It was like the streets we fought on were strewn with diamonds.” Those are the eloquent words of Martin Boyce, a participant in the riots that broke out at the Stonewall Inn, New York, in the wee hours of June 28, 1969. Martin and others who gathered that fateful night, when gay men had had enough and resisted arrest, sparking three days of rioting, lend their vivid, poignant memories to Stonewall Uprising, a new documentary from directors Kate Davis and David Heilbroner. The film is endlessly powerful and moving, yet there is also a friendly, anecdotal tone, like that of an uncle sitting you down and telling stories. We gays love a laugh, and they are everywhere in the doc, poking fun at the ridiculous stereotypes of the day. This, even as you watch the enormous pride in the faces of the now-older men speaking about the unity and solidarity they felt fighting back for the first time. You understand the frustration and heartache that led to the birth of the modern Gay Rights movement. In theaters now, check listings here.

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