Erin Wasson and RVCA Part Ways

It seems the summer of love has come to an abrupt end for collaborators Erin Wasson and RVCA, with the fall 2010 collection their swan song. The downtown muse who did for cut-offs what Lady Gaga has done for circular glasses has significantly raised the profile of the California based-skate brand (which was recently bought by Billabong) with a good dose of bad-girl glamour, high-octane shows and smashing parties. Unfortunately, we’re not sure Wasson’s design chops extended far beyond things-one-wears-with-cut-offs, and her more esoteric efforts (i.e. spring’s Rasta-psychic-groupie trip) were only lukewarmly received. Apparently, there are only so many ways to shred a denim short, and after a few seasons…well, pants start looking good again. No official word from RVCA, but rumors are surfacing about her difficult design team—seems the slacker hippie look wasn’t just a look. We can’t say we’ll miss the clothes, but we’ll definitely miss the parties.

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