We’re J’Loving…

these cute figurines from Hi Panda, a clothing and lifestyle brand created by Chinese artist Ji-Ji and owned by LVMH’s Antoine Arnault. With its focus on Chinese youth and “hip pop,” Hi Panda made its Western debut earlier this year at Palais de Tokyo (close enough—maybe the Chinese embassy was closed) and features different situations and incarnations. Some of these incarnations are dark and even cheeky toward Chairman Mao, specifically Evil Panda and Wounded Panda, which we’re told may have caused some export issues.

Not to be confused with Be@rbrick, Hello Kitty or Bathing Ape, Hi Panda will participate at an exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Museum later this year. In the meantime, the elusive creatures can be spotted in a mini-exhibit at Harvey Nichols, the label’s exclusive European retailer, which has scooped up all the tees, totes and caps it can get its hands on, as well as Hi Panda’s more serious art ventures, including large-scale sculptures, paintings and silkscreens. It’s true, China is the next frontier in art-pop culture.

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