David LaChapelle’s Divine Vision of Michael Jackson

If you’re seeking salvation from the sweltering heat, head over to Paul Kasmin gallery in Chelsea for David LaChapelle’s latest vision of the divine. Pointedly titled American Jesus, the solo show re-imagines the saintly passions through icons of pop culture. Most notably, the cathedral-sized works feature Michael Jackson as a latter-day martyr, offering an apt commentary on fame and notoriety, and marking LaChapelle’s first New York visit since 2008. The occasion drew some unexpected names, including Julian Schnabel and Lenny Kravitz, as well as perpetual muse (and Mary Magdalene stand-in) Amanda Lepore. The fete continued well into the evening, with attendees heading over to the glittering tower known as the Boom Boom Room for its final bash, providing a celestial finish.

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