Jeremy Scott Wears a Matador Jacket and Plays a Designer on a Soap Opera

Daytime television is getting juicier by the minute with designer extraordinaire Jeremy Scott joining the fray, making his grand debut on tomorrow’s The Young and the Restless. The role might not be a stretch (he’s playing a designer), but it’s worth it for the costuming alone, with Scott sporting one of his embellished matador jackets, as if channeling Alexis from Dynasty.

Scott’s cameo continues the recent fascination with soaps, following recent star turns by arty hunk James Franco and chanteuse Kalup Linzy on General Hospital. We can only hope the trend continues, with the next logical choice being Anna Wintour playing opposite Susan Lucci’s mega-bitch on All My Children. Definitely a reason to call in sick—or enjoy the benefits of unemployment.

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