Hooked: Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood’s heels are what shoe dreams are made of: impossibly high, gorgeously sculpted, sometimes unwearable (especially if you’re stomping down a Rodarte runway). But who cares as long as you’re going straight from the car to the bar? Still, in these overheated summer days, we occasionally long for more—dare we say?—comfort. Before our membership to the fashion club is revoked, hear us out. Kirkwood, for the second season, has defied expectations and given us flats. Oxfords, actually. Right about now you’re conjuring images of 50s poodle skirts and saddle socks, but take a peek at Kirkwood’s Metallic Toe and Electric Dot versions. The silver-paint splatter and white-and-black dots on turquoise effect, along with the petite architectural heel and patent insert at the back heel, make these the most exciting oxfords ever to hit the sidewalk. And unlike their teetering counterparts, we’re pretty sure you’ll stay upright in these—even at the bar. $397.50 each (sale price) at Kirna Zabete.

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