The World Cup Gets a Makeover from Louis Vuitton

Mysteriously, the World Cup managed to captivate the notoriously un-sporty fashion world this time around, tearing away many familiar faces from hourly couture updates to rally for their favorite teams. Dutch beauty Lara Stone even made the trek to Johannesburg, only to see her beloved home team go down in defeat.

But now that the dust has settled, it occurs to us that a little Louis Vuitton action may have sparked the stylish interest. The fashion house partnered with FIFA to give the World Cup trophy the luxury overhaul. Along with the golden statuette, the winning Spanish team was awarded a leather-bound, velvet-lined custom travel case, monogrammed with brass armatures and packed with white gloves for careful handling of the prize. We admit, like Lara, we were rooting for the Netherlands—but alas, that’s the sporting green.

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