Bearded Ladies Invade Berlin Fashion Week

If Jean Paul Gaultier’s pelt bandeaus or Valentino’s caged Lolitas weren’t enough to whet your weirdo appetite, there’s um, Mohr where that came from. Designer Patrick Mohr showed his latest collection at Berlin Fashion Week, replete with topless models sans hair on their heads but sprouting plenty from their chinny chin chins. Looking like they had either OD’d on hormone replacement pills or made out with a bottle of Rogaine, the mannequins also rocked powdered and painted-over brows (and one model’s nips) to match their matte domes. Though we’d ordinarily agree that a neutral palette keeps the focus on the clothes, the makeup here was clearly anything but low-key. Forgive us then for overlooking the androgynous wares as we try to banish thoughts of post-menopausal hobo aliens from our heads.

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