Karl Lagerfeld Cameo on Gossip Girl?

Spotted at Chanel couture today: a towering golden lion perched regally on a giant pearl, as if to remind the crowd that Karl the Kaiser reigns supreme over ateliers far and wide. The sparkling finale only confirmed the obvious, as the work of a thousand petites mains shimmered artfully under the flashing bulbs, much like Lagerfeld’s own splendor.

But as usual, the fashion wasn’t the only thing buzzing at couture. Also spotted: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl starlets sitting smart, pretty and decked out in the latest creations. This, combined with numerous sightings around Paris (most recently, Lively leaving the Ritz escorted by a gilded Karl), have fueled rumors that the show may have scored the biggest fashion cameo coup in the history of prime time television. No confirmation yet from any camp, but the plot possibilities are endless: Karl as Serena’s real father? Or Jenny’s fairy godmother? A secret love interest for Chuck Bass? We swoon at the thought.

Whatever the final outcome, we know Karl isn’t averse to a little mass entertainment—and his intervention might well be the divine resuscitation the ailing show desperately needs.

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