Daphne Guinness Is Out to Protect Isabella Blow

Following word that the late Isabella Blow’s wardrobe would hit Christie’s auction block in September, one name in particular kept popping up as the mega-sale’s would-be beneficiary: Daphne Guinness. Indeed, less than a month after the announcement, it was revealed that Guinness had purchased the entire lot, thereby canceling the auction. And now comes her opus explanation. “I had the most vertiginous feeling but I knew that I was probably one of the only people who could prevent Issie’s possessions becoming mere morbid memorabilia,” Guiness writes alliteratively in the Financial Times.

Not keen on having her friend’s effects scattered hither and tither—”the carrion crows would gather and take away her essence forever,” Guinness explains—she initially sought reassurance from Issie confidantes David LaChapelle and Amanda Harlech. And though Guinness also solicited Philip Treacy’s advice, she alludes to a distaste for all the fuss being made, including the milliner’s pet project, an Issie biopic. “With biographical books and movies about to appear, the timing made me absolutely nauseous and I know she would have hated it,” she writes. Looks as though future cinematic offerings will be Guinness-less.

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