A Store Is Born: Lanvin in St. Tropez

Because clearly the South of France is in need of more luxury, Lanvin is descending on Saint Tropez for the summer to spruce up the joint with a special retail project. Fret not, mes amies, this is no gauche pop-up store, but a refined boutique ephémère just a languid (i.e. boozy) stroll from the beach. Shedding neither caftan nor speedo, one can browse through summer and pre-fall offerings, or pick up a feathery thing or two en route back to the city.

The outing comes on the heels of Chanel and Louis Vuitton’s lavish productions in the seaside resort. But Lanvin opts for modesty over opulence, with a whimsical decor that includes Monsieur Elbaz’s fanciful calligraphy, stickers with his charming illustrations, and even those oddly seductive little Lanvin miniature dolls, which secretly make us want a curio cabinet à la& Kathy Bates’ in Misery. But of course, like suntans and pool boy flings, this too will fade, in October.

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