Gaultier Does Lingerie

Having already corseted phallic objects like champagne and perfume bottles, to say nothing of Madonna circa her Blonde Ambition days, you’d think Jean Paul Gaultier would have designed lingerie by now. Well, it seems our panties can unbunch a bit, knowing that JPG has finally launched his first unmentionables collection, slated to hit stores in November. In the meantime, the ever-kinky designer will offer us a tease next week, when two limited-edition pieces will have their coming out at his couture show.

Created in partnership with La Perla, the 27-style line of mostly handmade bras and knickers will also include a waist-cincher and bra modeled after those worn by Madge in her early-90s, chola Marilyn Monroe phase. The new titty holster is actually rather demure, vaguely reminiscent of the paper umbrellas found in fruity vacation cocktails. Fitting, perhaps, since after enough drinks it’ll go straight to the hotel room floor.

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