Acne Men’s

With its sweltering temperatures, azure blue sky and streets teeming with cleavage, Paris currently has the atmosphere of a holiday resort in Southern France. The Swedish brand Acne, by Jonny Johansson, tapped into the breezy mood by staging its spring 2011 presentation in a trendy 11th arrondissement bar.

A handful of models casually went back and forth between small platforms inside the bar and a bench on the sidewalk, while the fashionistas, just out of Thom Browne’s terrific show, quaffed cold wine.

The big news here was a line of sunglasses designed by Thierry Lasry and inspired by Johansson’s memories of school dances in his native Sweden. “Everyone would make such an effort to style themselves up, and sunglasses were always the most important disco accessory,” he said in the program notes.

The black leather overall was a standout piece. But the kooky eyewear, mixed with floppy leather hats, loose T-shirts, denim jeans and Cadillac-shiny shoes, created a look too reminiscent of Lanvin’s menswear.

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