Steven Klein Goes Stag

Fashionistas hoofing it to the Hamptons this summer will want to stop in at Steven Klein’s latest exhibit, Stag Film, opening July 10 at John McWhinnie gallery. Featuring black and white shots of horny horses riding phantom, or mounting dummy mares, the show examines how equines (like some humans) will screw just about anything. Needless to say, it gives all new meaning to the phrase “hung like a horse.” As if anticipating easy puns, the press release wants us to go deeper, asking if there isn’t “a comment here on the lures of artificiality, on the efficacy of the cosmetic and synthetic industries in capturing living energy.” Whether this argument gets a yay or neigh, it ought to be noted that Klein is the lensman responsible for Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video and years of Material MILF editorials. Not that we’d ever accuse either performer of artifice—cosmetic or otherwise.

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