Adam Kimmel Men’s

Adam Kimmel’s spring ’11 presentation, accompanied by a bash in a courtyard in the Marais, was in full swing by the time I arrived. His gambler-inspired fall ’10 collection already fills the windows chez Colette—complete with those ghoulish masks by artist George Condo, of course. So even if the clothes don’t sway you, the art will, right? Kimmel’s process each season is to hold a mirror up to the latest slice of life he’s into. So, back in the Marais courtyard, a black custom-pimped Lincoln Continental was jumpin’ in true L.A. gang style as Kimmel’s chic fans gathered round. His man of choice for spring? Snoop Dogg, the L.A. gangsta supreme whose personal style includes baggy khaki shorts, pinstripe tailoring and football jerseys with bandanna do-rag headgear. Kimmel recreated, luxuriously, Snoop’s look and cast a gang-like crew to show off his tough-guy wares. And for those who can’t afford the made-in-Italy swag, you can always order the real poor-boy version from the Sears catalog.

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