Helen Mirren Poses Semi-Nude

Proving even 64-year-old milkshakes can bring the boys to the yard, Helen Mirren is putting the “sex” in “sexagenarian” with her NSFW-ish Juergen Teller nudie shots. Like naughty Brit-of-a-certain-age Charlotte Rampling, Mirren was recently shot by the photog slipping her nips for a New York mag spread in which she discusses her role as brothel madam in her latest film, Love Ranch. But apparently it’s the boob shot that’s getting her flak, to which she responds (tomorrow on the Tavis Smiley show on PBS), “I mean honestly, what’s the matter with people? It’s ridiculous. It’s because I’m old.” Calling the fascination with elder bits “weird,” Mirren explains she simply allowed Teller, an artist, his creative freedom. Should Mirren wish to continue keeping those creative juices flowing in the future, we hear Purple Diary is looking for submissions. 

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