Hooked: Mawi

A statement piece is a statement piece is a statement piece. But does it actually state anything? This tusked necklace in onyx or jade says a mouthful—and it’s of the “Don’t mess with me, darling” variety. Made by London-based jewelry house Mawi, known for gorgeously outré costume pieces, the necklaces combine the best of the Me Decade into one hefty unit: Joan Collins meets The Misfits with a dash of Crocodile Dundee. The eight tusks hang delicately off the familiar chain links we’re used to seeing from Mawi, with two skulls peering out next to a hunk of jade or onyx. It beats wearing stirrup pants or scrunchies for your retro fix, and it’s far more glam. $975 at Mawi.com (starting mid-July).

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