Andy Warhol (Sort of) Had a Sex Life

If you’re looking for a bit of juicy summer reading, look no further than the spruced up reissue of the 1971 out-of-print classic The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol. The slick reprint offers a detailed oral (ahem) history of the hijinks and escapades of the original Silver Factory during its heyday in the early sixties, along with a series of beautiful and lurid portraits of its revolving cast of freaks and chics.

An insider’s view, the new tome comes courtesy of Village Voice and Interview founding editor John Wilcock, who had a ringside seat to all the action and the good sense to get everyone on tape. We don’t want to spoil it too much, so we’ll simply say that the notoriously shy Warhol preferred to watch, but with a gathering of New York eccentrics that included high-powered art dealers, drug pushers, pimps, drag queens and hustlers, he had plenty to feast on. Add a good dose of sixties’ abandon and viola, a recipe for glamorous debauchery.

Buy a copy on June 24, when John Wilcock has a book signing at Gagosian gallery. He’d probably answer whatever racy questions you dare ask.

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