Alice Dellal Takes Aim at Whaling

Looking angry and sexy, like she just pulled a Patrick Bateman, model-cum-musician Alice Dellal takes aim at the whaling industry in a short film just out from the WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society). Released with the help of goth rockers The Horrors, the video features a cutoff and cropped tee-clad Dellal slinging red paint against a wall, spelling out “AGADIR.” That’s the Moroccan city where the International Whaling Commission will meet Monday to discuss lifting a ban on commercially hunting the mammoth mammals—an idea to which Dellal, crying tears of paint, is clearly averse. Though the camera seemingly lingers just as long over Dellal’s taut abs as it does her angry brushstrokes, there are certainly worse ways to get a message across.

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