A Walk of Shame Tip for Courtney Love

Looks as though hot mess hall-of-famer Courtney Love may be trying to clean up her act in earnest this time. A spate of high-profile appearances suggests she’s ditched trannylicious make-up and bizarre duds in favor of more elegant, low-key looks. Still, even the most sophisticated of swans can benefit from a little well-heeled advice. Enter Lagerfeld muse Lady Amanda Harlech, who, according to WWD, recently offered Love some sartorial guidance. Harlech told Love that after 9 pm ladies only carry clutches—no purses allowed. When the singer then asked what happens when it comes time to do the morning walk of shame, Harlech advised Love to think ahead and always pack an extra pair of undies. But that would presume she wears them.

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