Karl Lagerfeld Seems Tired of Chanel Biopics

That the Kaiser would eventually tire of supporting every Chanel biopic that comes along isn’t terribly surprising. So it goes for Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, slated for release this fall and starring former house model and friend-of-Karl Anna Mouglalis. Like fellow Frenchie and Lagerfeld muse Audrey Tautou, Mouglalis will portray Mademoiselle in her younger years, in love with the famous (and very married) composer. Based on Chris Greenhalgh’s novel of the same name, the film centers around one particularly stormy, and at least partially fictionalized chapter, in the designer’s life. Lagerfeld tells Vogue UK that the part “has no relation to Mouglalis’ talent for other roles,” suggesting he’s indeed over seeing la vie Chanel given the film treatment. Granted, the actresses who’ve played Coco can be temperamental, too. When asked by Lagerfeld to come to Paris for a fitting around the time of her Lifetime miniseries, in which she played an older Chanel, Shirley MacLaine said non, not unless the designer loses the gloves and shades. Looks like MacLaine won’t be hitting up 31 rue Cambon any time soon.

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