James Franco Shakes Up General Hospital

Performance artist, chanteuse and our pal Kalup Linzy is heading to daytime TV, shooting a guest spot (starting today) on the soap classic General Hospital. It’s quite a star turn for Linzy, who takes much of his inspiration from daytime drama (you might recall the unforgettable reinterpretations “As the Art World Turns” and “All My Churen”). Of course, this is no accident. Linzy will appear alongside James Franco, who’s raised more than a few eyebrows for his recurring role as bad-boy artist Franco. A longtime supporter of Linzy’s work, Franco (the actor, not the character) has been getting cozy with the performer lately, even joining him onstage for Campari’s 150th celebration, where the unlikely duo belted out a spirited rendition of Proud Mary.

Linzy’s TV debut is the coup de grâce of Franco’s hijacking of daytime drama, which will reach a new level of amazingness when his character lands a show at MOCA later this month. A shoot, sanctioned by new director& Jeffrey Deitch, will take place at MOCA’s Pacific Design Center, and we’re hoping to catch a lot more art-world cameos (Franco is also working on a film based on the project). No word yet on Linzy’s role, but we’re hoping he plays Franco’s art-world nemesis, an evil twin, or long lost mother. Whatever happens, it’ll make for juicy viewing later this summer.

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