New Designer Alert

: Vilsbøl de Arce

Based in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Designers: Prisca Vilsbøl and Pia de Arce

Accolades: Design Talent of the Year at the 2010 Danish Fashion Awards, which they won just a couple of weeks ago. Rihanna also wore one of their Jetsons-looking creations from last season on tour and Lady Gaga donned a black mask of theirs as a shield from journalists’ questions, a video of which you can see on their website.

Amazing: because, for fall, they were inspired by the human anatomy, laser-cutting leather to resemble a rib cage splayed open, or a body undergoing a dissection. Other fabrics were quilted and ribbed to give the appearance of pulled musculature. It sounds gross, but it’s actually really beautiful.

The Takeaway: that northern avant-garde is alive and well.