M.I.A. Versus the NY Times Magazine

Proving you can take the politically confused pop star out of the council flat, but not vice versa, would-be “terrorist” chanteuse M.I.A. recently published journalist Lynn Hirschberg’s cell number on her Twitter page following a lengthy interview in the New York Times Magazine. Angered by her portrayal in the article, in which she disparages Bono’s humanitarian efforts, Lady Gaga’s looks and America’s sense of humor, the 34-year-old retaliated, high school-style, only to garner more flack than her aggressively creepy Born Free video. While the singer might be seething over the article’s suggestion of affected controversy and mass manipulation, at least Ryan McGinley’s accompanying photos offer a dose of drama-free levity. Here’s hoping the next M.I.A. spread is strictly a pictorial.

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