Karl Lagerfeld Wants to Go Faster

For a man who doesn’t think twice about charging upwards of six figures for a pair of pearl-embroidered fur pants, Karl Lagerfeld is surprisingly open to fast fashion. After a sold-out collaboration with H&M, Karl is apparently itching to get out of the ivory tower again and get his hands dirty with some affordable wares. His latest effort has him shooting 3 Suisse, the French mail-order catalog with items starting at just €14. We’re assuming cash isn’t an issue, so the hi-low thing must be for some perverse aesthetic enjoyment. If Karl has his way, and he rarely doesn’t, this is just the beginning. He tells WWD he’d like to reorient his eponymous collection (which has hit a few speed bumps) for the mass market. We can only dream of a day when Forever Karl chain stores adorn every city corner, frequented by teens from Queens in powdered wigs and fingerless gloves.

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