Hint Tip

Playwright, director and production designer Andrew Ondrejcak—who’s currently performing with Marina Abramović at MoMA (where he’s been a lecturer for seven years), works alongside Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center and whose fashion collaborators include Peter Lindbergh, Phillip Lim, Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar—apparently still has time for absurdist theater. His latest production, Fatherland, looks at life after the collapse of a great empire and completes a cycle of three comedies that “examine the complex modern world in which self-consciousness does not always precipitate progress.” But here’s the deal. It won’t be fully realized until later this year, so in the meantime he’s workshopping it. If you attend the work-in-progress, don’t be surprised if you find yourself a part of it…

June 11 & 12
8:00 pm sharp
Ideal Glass
22 East 2nd Street, NYC
between 2nd Ave & Bowery St

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