Philip Treacy to Make a Biopic of Isabella Blow

Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell weren’t the only women on Philip Treacy’s mind this weekend. In Cannes to celebrate Naughty Naomi’s big 4-0, Treacy, who also created Jones’ over-the-top headgear, dished with gossip font André Leon Talley for the first time since Isabella Blow’s funeral nearly three years ago. According to Talley, Treacy has found a producer for a film on the oft-misunderstood muse (whose epic collection of Treacys will go up for auction this September). John Galliano is already confirmed to play himself (duh), but one question remains: who’ll tackle the lead? Talley claims Treacy has a big surprise in store, with the role purportedly going to a “major new talent.” Following U.S. Vogue’s January cover, our money’s on Carey Mulligan. Or Lady Gaga, since she applied to intern with Treacy. Any other guesses? Comment below!

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