Kate Moss Robbed, Banksy Piece Stolen

Apparently even muses go through rocky patches. That eternal font of fashion inspiration, Kate Moss, has been having an uncharacteristically difficult time in art matters this month. The topper: on Thursday, while Kate and company slumbered peacefully in her north London estate, burglars broke in and pinched a hefty portion of the waif goddess’ fledgling art collection, including a six-figure Banksy portrait, which may or may not be this one (alas, they couldn’t make out with the wall-sized Banksy mural). We’re happy to report that the most valuable collection of art on the premises, Kate’s closet, was left untouched during the heist. This is the latest in a string of arty mishaps for Kate, whose nudes by Albert Watson failed to sell at a Christie’s auction last week. If we may, a word of advice: nothing like a bit of scandal to make the value of flesh-as-art photos skyrocket—just ask a Stephanie Seymour. 

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