Daphne Guinness Is Not a Muse

With Daphne Guinness’ penchant for outré garb and ubiquitous presence on the international party circuit, you’d think the Armadillo-wearing heiress would be content to revel in her role as jetsetting style arbiter. Au contraire. “My whole thing is being invisible,” she tells the Times of London. She’s also “not really a muse” and “definitely not a socialite,” or so the Times thinks, given her habit of mumbling. While she remained more or less circumspect on her rumored romance with the very married French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, Guinness did discuss lunching with Salvador Dalí as a child, dressing as a witch for a Maybach car advert and enduring bleeding eyes for a David LaChapelle shoot (from wearing white zombie contacts underwater). Regarding her coiffure, Guinness cops to occasionally taking a page from Tyra’s book: “When I think my hair needs a bit of help, I just glue another bit on to my head.”

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